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CEO’s Greetings

We provide quality service to meet our customers’ needs.

35-year know-how and a culture of trust
We offer our customers the best possible
products and services
We have been producing rubber parts for cars and general industrial
rubber parts since the company was founded in 1980. Under our
company motto, “Company presence is based on quality,”
we try to provide our customers with satisfaction, and our employees with happy and fruitful lives.
It is our goal to help contribute to the development of the automobile industry, not only in Korea, but also elsewhere in the world. We aim to build a culture of shared respect between ourselves and our customers.

We currently provide products to a range of renowned Korean and overseas companies and our high-quality goods have won us wide-reaching recognition. Our main car parts products have attained major certifications, namely: SQ Mark, the TS16949 management system and the ISO14001 system for environmentally friendly production. We have made continued to efforts to become a complete company in the steering parts and shock absorber sectors.

We currently provide products to a range of renowned Korean and overseas companies, and our high-quality goods are have won us wide-reaching recognition. Through internal management innovation and investment in facilities, technology and more, we have developed into a passion-driven, forward-thinking company. We maintain a careful balance between trustworthy management and continuous R&D, something that we hope will help us grow on an international basis.

Our executives and staff members will actively invest time and effort into R&D and cultivating capable members of staff. Our goal is to create unique value to meet our customers’needs and to contribute to the industrial rubber parts industry.

We appreciate for your constant support for our company. We promise to make continuous efforts in the future.
Thank you once again.