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Rubber parts for electrical systems

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A starter motor is the system in an automobile that starts the engine by generating rotating power using electrical energy from the battery. Rubber parts are applied in the form of Packing O-Rings, Square Rings, Caps, Plugs, Grommet Seals, Ventilation Tubes, Dampers, Lever Packing and Brush Covers.
An alternator generates electricity using the rotating force generated by a starter motor. It charges the battery and distributes electric current to all electrically powered parts of the car. The following rubber parts are applied as part of the system: Packing, Rubber Cap, Gasket O-Ring, R/Seal, Washer, R/Ring, Drain Cook, Holder Grommet, Tube and Ventilator.
A distributor is a device used in the ignition system of a vehicle's internal engine. It routes high voltage electricity from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in the correct firing order. Rubber parts, O-rings, Grommets and Diaphragms are applied as part of the system.